Remember how your fence used to look? Clean and sturdy. Not a single board missing. Not a single post askew. It can be that way again.

Repair Your Fence Today.

We repair fences and gates in a variety of materials: wood, chain link, aluminum, PVC and vinyl, and even apartment fences. Even if we didn’t build or install it, our expert tradesmen can swing by for all of your fencing and gate repair needs.

Extend Your Fence Life.

Trying to preserve the life of your fence? Each material is different, but it will require periodic maintenance, especially wood, which should be washed and restained every few years. To help your fence last as long as possible, take the time to learn how to upkeep it. Feel free to ask our experienced team for maintenance tips as well.


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Has your fence been damaged? It may be covered with our warranty.

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